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When you need to move furniture across the country or across town, OZU can help you find the best transporter for the job. Whether it’s a family heirloom or furniture you purchased online, we’ll help you figure out how to ship furniture, help you get shipping rates and help you with tips on preparing your furniture for transport. If you get a little lost, just give us a call and we’ll help you get back on the road. OZU’s marketplace is perfect for finding a furniture delivery service that meets your needs and at a rate that fits your budget. Create a shipment listing for your furniture with as much detail as possible. Transporters will then give you rates for your shipment as they compete for your business, ensuring you get the best rates possible. You can talk to the transporters and review their profile as you select the best furniture shipping company for the job.


1. Measure and Weigh Your Furniture: You’ll want to get the dimensions of your furniture down. If it’s a loose piece, do your best to get the length, width and height of the piece. If the furniture is in a box or crate, you should have exact measurements ready to go. This helps your carrier give you their best rate. While typical shipping services will carry up to 150 lbs. and 165 inches in length, with OZU, you’re able to ship any weight or dimensions. We have all types of carriers who are here to help you.

2. Take Photos: Taking before and after photos help you in the rare instance that your furniture gets damaged in transit. This is purely a safety precaution. You’ll want to get close up images of any pre-existing damage, and be sure to get various angles of the item.

3. Package Your Furniture: Try to use thicker cardboard for reinforcement, a double box, or a crate when appropriate to protect big and bulky items like furniture. Use foam or bubble wrap to cover delicate areas. Get cushioning material to surround any piece in a box or crate, and to fill any empty areas for added safety. Apply a heavy package caution sticker if your shipment weighs more than 70 KG.

4. Choose a Carrier: First, research various carriers that move furniture like yours. Check out their history, reviews, availability, and services. When you find carriers who meet your needs, get shipping cost information from them, then compare prices to find a carrier in your budget. OZU gives you all this information in one convenient place, saving you time and money as furniture shipping companies compete for your business.

5. Communication: Once you have chosen your furniture carrier, communication becomes the most important part of a successful shipment. Work with your carrier to find out the best times to meet for pickup and delivery. Be sure to open lines of communication so the carrier can reach you in case of any traffic delays or other issues they may run into.


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