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The OODLE MarketPlace, with its built-in ODL token, requires a membership and governs how all its members conduct complex commodity trades by using a range of smart contracts to manage and oversee the entire supply chain of their trade. The OODLE Marketplace provides a secure trading environment to all members by pre-qualifying all parties and will result in the buying and selling of commodities in a time efficient, transparent, accountable and secure trading environment on the block chain using smart contracts The OODLE MarketPlace governs and enables faster, transparent & more timely commodity trades whilst bypassing traditional commodity trading banking system requirements at the same time. The OODLE MarketPlace resides on Ethereum Block chain with ERC 20 standards and the ODL token can be stored, saved and transacted using ERC-20 enabled wallets such as SafePal, TrustWallet, MetaMask and more. The OODLE MarketPlace represents a full-fledged commodity trading technological revolution that will change the fabric of commodity trading forever. The OODLE MarketPlace will enable international payment transfers within minutes as opposed to traditional banks taking days and even weeks (depending on the complexity of the trade) to release payment. The OODLE MarketPlace empowers its members, from rural suppliers to global mandate holders, to trade effortlessly by combining technology and education with insight and governance to ensure good governance on all trades being conducted within the ecosystem. The ODL token is a utility token with real commodity assets underpinning it that are based on real commodity transactions in real world trade and allows its holders the ability to enter high value complex commodity transactions that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. In the future, OODLE MarketPlace members will be able to benefit by leveraging the ODL token in order to fulfil orders they may not have the resources to.