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Management Consulting Services :

Services offerings that bolster organizations and reshape future in post COVID era

Management Consulting Services :

We assist clients across a range of strategic areas to enable transformations for people, business process or technology implementation.

Management Consulting Services :

We enable Mergers & Acquisitions and manage buy or sell side mandates for clients assisting them to raise finance (debt, equity or hybrid finance) and achieve strategic goals


Corporate Finance Services

  • We advise companies on buy and sell strategies and outline the optimal capital structure for the business whilst identifying new financing or liquidity alternatives.
  • Arrange debt and equity financing for companies via local, regional and international financial institutes or banks.
  • Equity Financing: Equity private placements, IPO advisory, rights issues and fund structuring.
  • Work with PE/VC, SWF, SHNWI, Family Offices on providing corporate finance services

Mergers & Acquitsions Advisory

  • We enable both Buy-Side and Sell-Side advisory services
  • Advise on the acquisitions or divestitures of companies wholly or partially.
  • Deliver business valuations, assessments and improvement assessments
  • Conduct financial and legal due diligence leveraging enhanced technology tools.
  • We have trusted relationships with strategic and financial investors.

Independent Business Reviews & Market Research

  • We conduct independent business reviews to support corporate decision making
  • Conduct market research and present strategic and analytical business reports outlining key industry trends
  • Provide business intelligence reports outlining market sizing, growth projections and competitive analysis.
  • Enable corporate and strategic stress testing based on market situation

Economic Advisory Services

  • We conduct Economic Impact Assessments
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Regulatory economics
  • Competition economics

Learning & Development Services

  • Board of Directors Coaching
  • Special learning modules
  • Digital learning
  • Re-skilling teams for tomorrow
  • Business Communications

Corporate Finance Strategies

  • Corporate strategy
  • Value optimization
  • Investment strategy
  • Feasibility & business planning
  • Portfolio strategy

Bchain Credentials

  • Have worked with several Governments and Private sector companies having successfully closed several M & A transactions
  • Closed over 30 sell side transactions
  • Sold businesses to different buyers across 12 countries
  • Assisted 14 family owned businesses to acquire new businesses
  • Completed over 40 plus company valuations
  • Helped 3 Governments enable investments in PPP’s
  • Worked with 40+ companies on a wide range of strategic management consulting projects and transactions
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We have enabled value for several clients locally and globally by successfully completing these M & A transactions

Disclaimer: Enclosed are some examples of some M & A transactions Bchain and team members have been involved in. Client names and names of organizations are with held due to confidentiality

Transactions Closed
Leading Logistic Operator

Led the valuation and majority stake sell side mandate to raise equity for a leading logistics operator which was privately held. Enabled sell side readiness, streamlined financials and prepared the related IM’s to enable the transaction successfully.

Frozen Food Manufacture & Distributor

Led a 100% share sales transaction for a leading frozen food manufacturer in the region having multi-country business operations and enabled the entire sales transaction process delivering results for shareholders.

Leading listed quoted entity

Led and directed a buy-side mandate for a leading listed quoted entity enabling acquisition of a strategic target in the defined market segment and finalized the deal within the time line as outlined enabling creation of shareholder value.

Project Nimer

Led the consulting side of business for a major M & A transaction of a key client assisting on the sell side of the transaction for this high profile deal. Provided support by conducting due diligence, synergy development, valuation, network optimization etc. enabling the transaction.

Leading Airline

Led the debt funding requirement for a leading airline securing debt financing based on a rigorously developed business model. Enabled the development of the detailed and bankable financial pack and negotiated the debt raising costs with global financial institutions.

Leading automotive parts distributor

Developed detailed financials and a new disruptive technology led e- commerce new business model maximizing the equity fund raising for a leading automotive parts distributor and finalized the transaction to raise majority stake investments.

Leading Foods Processor & Manufacturer

Led the development and implementation of a business and financial plan for a leading foods processor and manufacturer and directed a project to raised hybrid finance (debt & equity) to enable the funding the requirements through the transaction

Foods Processor & Manufacturer

Aligned and streamlined all the financial and business processes for the client to corporatize the business and enabling sell readiness. Led the sell side mandate for a leading food processor and distributor enabling the 100% equity sell in the transaction

Leading Luxury Goods, Fashions & Apparel Distributor

Led a major sell side advisory mandate for a leading luxury goods and fashion apparel distributor enabling 49% equity injection in the business from private investors.

Leading MRO Service Provider

Led a MRO feasibility study along with managed the sell side mandate to raise funds for the MRO. Developed a comprehensive business and financial feasibility study for MRO operations providing turnkey services and created a bankable plan to raise finance through debt and equity infusion.

Project Blue

Led the project to develop the strategy for corporate governance for a federal government client. The engagement involved developing the short, medium and long term goals for corporate governance in the country and the tools required for implementing and monitoring corporate governance regulations in the country.

Leading Government Entity

Led a major transportation infrastructure assessment project for a leading Government entity to assess and outlay a major investment program and prioritize the Governments investment program across infrastructure. Outlined major cost saving opportunities and implemented a cost rationalization program across transportation infrastructure spending for the Government.

Client Testimonials

What our clients say

Bchain has worked with regional and global clients delivering value and enabling their strategic objectives. The names of client and their organizations have been withheld due to confidentiality and the nature of business

Mr. Mohd K

CEO, Leading Manufacturing Company

“Bchain provided us the right strategic advice and guidance which enabled us maximize the shareholder returns in the sell side transaction which generated better returns”

Mr. M.F.H, CFO

listed quoted entity

“Bchain went out of their way to enable the buy side transaction for our firm from identifying strategic targets and enabling the deal in record time which assisted us tap the value before listing in the public stock exchange”

Mr. M.D

Leading food service business

“Bchain were there with us for over 3 and a half years for the entire process in the sell-side mandate and delivered results”

Ms.B. S

CEO, Healthcare Sector

“Bchain assembled a professional team of industry experts with deep technical knowledge and practical hands on experience which delivered phonemical results for our M & A process”

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We remain committed to enhancing shareholder value, delivering results and enabling transformation


We advice to enhance shareholder value and suggest strategies & course of action. Offer go/no-go recommendations, counsel on improving leadership, strategic direction, or any strategic aspect to a better future for your business.


We will implement all shareholder value enhancement directives. Assist you acquire new competencies, businesses or market access or assist you enable your divestment objectives so as to create efficiencies


Bchain Consultants identify solutions to your problems. Share with us, 3 of your biggest pain points or tell us what keeps you up at night? We will create bespoke solutions

Sell Side Transactions

Buy Side Transactions

Assisted family owned business to acquire new businesses

Completed over 40 plus company valuations

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