The OODLE Marketplace

OODLE Marketplace is a revolutionary eco-system where pre-qualified members transact real-world trades seamlessly, securely and in real-time with each other.

As real-world trading landscapes evolve, trade and B2B markets are becoming more complex and volatile with greater financial constraints and tighter regulations. Buyers and sellers are getting more frustrated with having to understand and learn how to navigate all this and survive in their business. OODLE Marketplace is an easy-to-use real world trading platform that delivers powerful end-to-end blockchain support to its members —from simple data capture and analysis to a more sustainable financial payment environment than traditionally exists. OODLE Marketplace delivers powerful end-to-end trading power - from deal origination to settlement. OODLE Marketplace insurance strategic partner, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co, founded in 1927, is one of the world’s largest insurance brokerage and risk management. They will work in unison with OODLE Marketplace to provide members the most effective and cost-efficient insurance solutions to all their business needs, no matter how unique and obscure they may be. Arthur J. Gallagher & Co will provide OODLE members with all their global insurance needs.


OODLE Marketplace real-world trade functions

OODLE Marketplace is an ecosystem of integrated systems providing pre-qualified members with the ability to efficiently conduct end to end real world trades with one another. OODLE Marketplace smart contracts on blockchain provide automation and ease of use, with the ability to ingest many data points per trade. OODLE Marketplace governs members real-world trades and provide members with the transparency and trust they require when trading.

Members Buy & Sell with one another using Smart Contracts on OODLE Marketplace

OODLE Marketplace facilitates the execution of digital contracts, commonly referred to as 'smart contracts'. OODLE Marketplace smart contracts– are created and permanently stored on the Blockchain.

Real-world trade Traceability & Security

OODLE Marketplace is working to partner with a leading supplier of geolocation transmitters. These transmitters are used to carefully track and trace the transport routes that were taken during the delivery of the goods. Due to the inherent characteristics of the blockchain – being Distributed, Transparent, and Immutable – OODLE Marketplace will enable geolocation data on the blockchain.

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