Opium’s pickup and delivery services are targeted towards making your operations easy and smooth. We will manage your pick up, transportation and delivery so you can focus on retaining your comfort and running your other important businesses.

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You can have access to all you daily and frequent needs without having to leave your home. Simply place your order and wait for a knock on your door.

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Focus On Personal Needs

You wouldn’t need to step out of your homes to get the things you need anymore. You’ll simply need to access a variety of products on our mobile app, place your order and wait for a knock on your door. We aim at bringing everything you need to your doorsteps so you wouldn’t need to step out of your home if you don’t want to.


Focus On Business Needs

Opium uses location services in order to fulfil deliveries with the mobile app, you can select specific services for your business needs. Let us handle the delivery of your customers’ orders while you focus on satisfying as many clients as you can. We are flexible and willing to supply your business with the support you need whether your products are in high or low demand. Our riders are available to help you with everything – from pickup to timely delivery.

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Our app is built with your comfort in mind. Experience the ease of working with us even before you begin to.


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