The OODLE Marketplace

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The OODLE Marketplace is the most advanced, secure, and private member-based trading platform available today

As trading landscapes evolve, trade and B2B markets are becoming more complex and volatile with greater financial constraints and tighter regulations. Buyers and sellers are getting more frustrated with having to understand and learn how to navigate all this.

The Oodle Marketplace is an easy-to-use trading platform that delivers powerful end-to-end blockchain support to its members —from simple data capture and analysis to a more sustainable financial environment than traditionally exists.

The Oodle Marketplace (currently built on the Ethereum blockchain) delivers powerful end-to-end trading power - from deal origination to settlement.

The Oodle Marketplace’s insurance strategic partner, Gallagher, which was founded in 1927, is one of the world’s largest insurance brokerage and risk management. They will work in unison with Oodle and its members to find the most effective and cost-efficient insurance solutions to all their business needs, no matter how unique and obscure they may be. Gallagher will provide Oodle members with all their global insurance needs.

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Oodle Trades on Blockchain

Our blockchain backed platform will allow Oodle Members the ability to transfer data at a faster pace which results in the execution of transactions being done a lot faster and a more cost effectively. The total transactions costs on the Oodle Marketplace are relatively low in comparison to traditional costs in trades. Members of the Oodle Marketplace are able facilitate international financial transactions and can cut costs on incurred fees and transactional costs, thereby drastically benefiting the member’s bottom line as well.

Oodle Members can Buy & Sell
with one another via Smart Contracts

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The Oodle Marketplace also facilitates the execution of digital contracts, commonly referred to as 'smart contracts'.

Such digital contracts – which are created and permanently stored on the Blockchain on the Oodle Marketplace – are programmed in such a way that specific actions within the trade are executed when certain, pre-defined conditions are met. In this way, smart contracts – in combination with digital payments – pose huge benefits in terms of accountability, governance and automation of members interactions within the supply chain of a trade.

On the Oodle Marketplace payment-upon-delivery processes are linked with smart contracts – stored on the Blockchain.

At the point of agreeing to conduct a trade together, members can initiate a smart contract which registers both the price rate (price per volume/mass commodity), the amount (volume/mass of commodity), and the delivery time and location. This information, "along with authenticated thumbprints of all trade documents" – captured in smart contracts – are stored on the Blockchain. Upon delivery – the contract is enforced, and payment made.

This Oodle Marketplace commodity trading Blockchain implementation enables a smooth relationship between members buying and selling with one another and provides a certain level of assurance and security in business environments which are known to be unstable and may suffer geopolitical interference.

Traceability & Security

Oodle is working to partner with a leading supplier of geolocation transmitters. These can be used to carefully track and trace the transport routes that were taken during the delivery of the goods. Due to the inherent characteristics of the Blockchain technology – being Distributed, Transparent, and Immutable – the plan is to incorporate the geolocation data on the Blockchain using our oracle services. This will provide the members buying and selling with one another an unaltered and righteous source of information regarding the origin, chain of custody and transportation of the goods.

Within current society – which is characterizing the increased attention towards the environment, fair trade, child labour, and modern slavery – this revolutionary approach to type of supply chain traceability is becoming increasingly more important in international trade.

On the Oodle Marketplace payment-upon-delivery processes are linked with smart contracts – stored on the Blockchain.

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