Bringing the world to Ethereum via Polygon

Why Polygon ?

Polygon believes in Web3 for all. Polygon is a decentralised Ethereum scaling platform that enables developers to build scalable user-friendly dApps with low transaction fees without ever sacrificing on security.

What is DX TOKEN ?

A distinguished Blockchain initiative launching DX Token crypto currency with outstanding projects directed by our visionary team to educate and empower people to adopt the new digital financial rise and help them achieve the transition from traditional financial and payment markets into the crypto-verse and digital payment solutions backed by the power of Blockchain technology.

Our community has set up a system and marketing strategy to help DX TOKEN rise worldwide via signing partnerships with different crypto companies and eCommerce systems that will accept the DX TOKEN as medium of payment from their Customers into decentralized and centralized exchanges.


Empowering the community to join the Blockchain revolution and adopt digital services and facilities


Financial inclusion for the masses to make Decentralized financial services accessible to everyday users.

DX Token - Projects

Our community has a varied number of projects which offers crypto solutions on numerous sectors, ranging from Real Estates to NFTfycation to Blockchain ID and much more. Our community aims to educate and enable people to adapt to this new digital financial trend that is soaring at the moment and help them to be more comfortable and acquainted to grow with this digital revolution.

Project - 01


DX PROPERTIES is one of the leading UAE based real estate marketplace with over thousands of properties available for sale with cryptocurrencies across the UAE. Our vision is to connect real estate buyers, sellers, agencies, and developers who prefer and can handle crypto as a transaction option. Our vision is to create a world where one can purchase a house, land, commercial properties and pay with virtual/crypto currencies from anywhere in Dubai. We are building the future of real estate, as an enhanced solution for tomorrow.

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Project - 02

NFTREE Marketplace

Under NFTree Marketplace each Carbon Credit NFT will act as tradable permit or certificate in the form of NFTs that gives the right to emit one ton of carbon dioxide or an equivalent of another greenhouse gas. All The NFT’s will be digital twin of original tree or set of trees.
The main goal for the creation of carbon credit NFT’s is to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from industrial activities to reduce the effects of global warming. Main Objective of NFT Marketplace is to conserve and protect our Eco space and ecosystems through fostering autonomy, innovation, and social progress. NFTree Marketplace also decided to support similar communities and local infrastructures.

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Project - 03


A certificate is an important official document attesting a certain fact. It can be anything from warrants, credentials, licenses, diplomas, vouchers and more. Current systems for issuing a certificate are complex, slower, expensive, and are even exposed to counterfeiting. Also, there is no standardized or digital way to track and manage the issued certificates.
As a result, we have NFTfycation, among other services it is also a Blockchain-powered platform that offers a secure and decentralized digital certificate infrastructure. Through NFTfycation we can quickly and easily issue verifiable, tamper-proof digital certificates in the form of NFTs.
Our efficient platform guarantees certificate’s convenience, permanence, and security. It is also reliable, flexible, and affordable, and allows our clients to do more, spend less, and achieve full transparency of the certificate holder and the certification.

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Project - 04


Our Blockchain KYC’s vision is to create an active network of services securely communicating verification data with each other, and ensuring the borderless movement of digital identities, with no risky paper or documents in sight. Compliance is the key for onboarding new customers, no matter where the business is located geographically. We want to help businesses expand, reach current markets, and get more clients — all while staying safe and abiding by all jurisdictional requirements.
We continue to broaden our product line and expert teams. Our average KYC verification time now takes less time than ever, with the current focus set on lowering verification time and pushing a single digital user verification profile to other partner services. The system now efficiently verifies users from UAE and helps businesses scale across the world.

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Project - 05

Blockchain ID

Blockchain ID is the market-leading linking platform for blockchain and crypto communities that was the first of its kind, creating an entirely new category in Blockchain and Crypto Industry. Blockchain ID is the identity layer of the internet, allowing users to curate a singular destination housing what’s most important to them, in real time.
Blockchain ID helps Crypto communities, brands, influencers, entrepreneurs, activists and everyday creators carve out their place and reach their full potential online.

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Project - 06


It is a versatile NFT marketplace which is inspiring the next generation of artists, empowering contemporary artists to flourish, and preserving the rich history of art & entertainment. We are collaborating with world-class artists, renowned galleries, and all who wish to create, we deliver unique NFT drops and special collections.
The NFT marketplace exchange will fully support Polygon and other crypto based NFTs. Integrating the Polygon NFT ecosystem into our exchange enables us for the seamless amalgamation of the expanding NFT community and NON FUNGIBLE TOKEN marketplace.
With NON FUNGIBLE TOKEN marketplace everyone is welcome to buy and sell their unique pieces of art. All works minted on the NON FUNGIBLE TOKEN marketplace will go through an admin curation process to ensure our marketplace is full of diverse quality content.

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Project - 07


DX Exchange will be MENA region’s largest cryptocurrency exchange for DX Token (DXT), Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. DX Exchange clients will trade using local currencies like AED and DOLLAR! We aim to build the largest crypto-asset exchange and payments infrastructure platform in the Middle East and North Africa. We will be the leading crypto asset platform in the region, by continuously setting the standard for the industry on regulatory compliance and providing the ability for our customers to buy, sell and trade crypto assets in a safe and regulated environment.

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Project - 08


DX PAY is the new transaction platform at the forefront that makes it decentralized and easier to store, share or use one’s assets in the format of a cryptocurrencies. With DX PAY, you can transfer DX TOKEN – and in the future other crypto currencies as well – with a single click, invest your assets in DX Pay to benefit from the targeted sizeable growth of our ecosystem in the GCC countries.

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Project - 09

Farming In Metaverse!

Plant it in Metaverse, Harvest it in the real world.

Today’s user experience (UE) is being changed from the basic routine jobs to complicated manufacturing processes in real time. This generates unlimited and long-term possibilities and opportunities for us as a company. At DX metaverse we can assist you to keep you updated with change, and technological advancement and be future-ready in the best possible way.
DX METAVERSE is the most enhanced solution to rethink the way we connect humans in the virtual space. Our customized interactive stream technology allows photorealistic 3D environments for people to gather, get inspired and interchange. Join us on this DX METAVERSE to explore new and immersive experiences in the social live environment.

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Project - 10


Industries that innovate, shape, and develop our lives, depend on robots and automation to get things done more accurately. From MNC’s high-tech projects that visualize a future where robots will deliver packages, to the robotic arms in the conveyor belts of millions of warehouses and factories, they’re the backbone of several industries.
Our range of robotic technology services span across various industries and specializations. Mobile robotic systems, Augmented Reality (AR)-based solutions, Industrial robotic systems, Ariel robotic systems, Virtual reality-based solutions, and the Mechatronic system, we’ve got you covered. At DX Robotics, we provide you just that - AI ad AR-backed automation technologies that propel growth and expansion.

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  • Pre-sale10%
  • Burning10%
  • Company5%
  • Remaining 202210%
  • Research & Development3%
  • Years: 2023 - 2024 - 202560%
  • Marketing2%

The Presale Stage

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