Reliance India and Flipkart is gathering in a ground breaking collaboration to launch Nokia Brand Smart TVs in India.

This initiative will earmark Reliance Digital’s entry into the television market. And the surprise, just doesn’t stop here!! The quality of sound will be undertaken by JBL breaking all stereotypes of bad sound quality in the Indian market.

This partnership will facilitate manufacturing and end to end sales of this products. The best part under this initiative will be the availability of thousands of jobs opening new windows for the youth leading to development of the Indian economy.

This partnership will garner huge client network with Flipkart being on the best e- commerce platforms.  And Nokia being a benchmarked brand all over the Globe, this step will guarantee quality and technologically improved products to Indian Consumers. The involvement of JBL will only increase the interest of consumers as JBL is one of the riding companies to provide quality sounds across the globe.

Now the question that arises here is, is this step enough to break the major competition goals that the other enormous brands bring?  Guess, only time will tell!!


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