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Business succession planning is important for longevity and survival for many decades. Most of the planet’s oldest businesses, like its citizens are still Japanese. One of the world’s oldest companies is Nishiyama Onsen a that has lived close to 1,300 years and has noticed over 50 generations. Kongo Gumi, a Japanese construction company was established in 578 AD. Both companies are still in existence. Even the Japanese’s high life expectancy and corporate longevity could be correlated, however, I feel the powerful cultural and moral practices of those Japanese really are a contributor to corporate longevity. Hence it is important to gibe corporate identity to business.


It’s possible now for companies and associations to live on for several years if proper succession planning is undertaken. Business succession planning is necessitated by sudden exits of high leadership. The leaves could be due to resignation or retirement. In certain institutions such as government associations, sudden exits could occur where the leading term is mended. Once the term finishes it means a brand new generation takes over the institution.

Business succession planning is essential as it enables a firm to maintain its identity. One of the attractive features of a business is that it is able to maintain a perpetual succession. In other words, its life isn’t affected by exits of its own shareholders or directors. The only thing that would threaten an organization’s life is whether it’s awfully wound up.

For many companies, the creator’s individuality becomes the corporate one that the company faces an identity crisis once the founders depart. It’s simpler for companies with a solid corporate brand which is separate from the direction, to undertake succession planning. That is because the incoming leadership would need to purchase into the corporate identity.

Business succession planning should begin at the foundation and creation of a new business. It’s also important to get a constitution describing the identity of they’re corporate, its purpose, its key principles, and values. These documents will establish quite Handy in regards to undertaking the true succession.

Business succession planning is also significant during recruitment. The procedure ought to be such that the recruiters consider candidates who fit in with the identity and purpose of the company. For example, in case you’ve got a strong innovative culture, it’s crucial to be on the lookout for that worth and ability in applicants of all levels.

Corporate business identity is the image representation of the firm or business publicly. It is the business identity that is present in front of the customers/clients, investors, your employees or the common people by the means of the logo.

Corporate business identity is the basic need of Corporate Communications with the basic purpose to manage and construct the identity to escalate the corporate business objectives.

The corporate identity is usually visualized by way of branding and the use of trademarks but it can also add things like product designed advertising, public relations, etc.

In general, this amounts to corporate title, logo and all other supporting devices commonly assembled within a set of Corporate guidelines. These guidelines explain how the identity is applied and you should include approved color palettes, typefaces, page layouts, fonts, and others.

A business profile is a professional introduction that aims to inform people primarily of the prospective buyers or clients and stakeholders about your products, services and current status about the company.
Ideally, when you create a business profile it should follow the below-mentioned points.

1. A short story about how the company started
2. The business profile should be very much brief
3. Add photos as a visual appeal
4. Keep white spaces wherever required and don’t just fill with all the words.
5. Show your ideology are your strategy
6. If you have any rewards or any reviews show it off.
7. If possible show a personal touch by the director’s letter about the company showing what the company does and what is the company’s message.
8. Add videos
9. what was the inspiration behind starting the company
10. Keep it very much systematic and organized, don’t put a lot of words but a clear message in brief with pictures.

An error that some companies make would be to recruit persons based on academic qualifications independently or work experience. It is necessary to tremendously score compatibility. Worker incompatibility with organizational aims can slow down business development. Throughout succession, it is important to nominate harmonious employees in the direction. These can be entrusted to keep the corporate identity reliably until the following generation.

Some companies are so serious about their identity they need that their staff dresses in a particular way so as to conserve this. I visited a university in the United Kingdom and made an observation that the team dress code was smart casual and there was history modern music playing. The gave me the view which the university was very deliberate on promoting its identity as a modern institution.

It is important to build a corporate identity to facilitate the series.

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