Dubai Couture Week

Actress Debalina Rai sets the “glam” and “hotness” quotient with her stunning Dubai photoshoots

The stunning beauty sets out to shoot amidst the exceedingly stunning shoot locations of Dubai. Her photoshoots are always as gorgeous and a treat to the eye. The actress looked very glamorous in her Dubai half dessert with her photoshoot in a royal blue gown with floral prints by premium brand Roxx Fashion. She looked lovely with her beautiful silvery earring and a bracelet. In her Arabian Tea House shoot, she wore a shimmery, fuchsia pink and silver dress that paired well with her fresh, dewy makeup look. The actress carried a nude pink bag and silvery, floral shoes. The entire look was put together with a matching hair accessory that made her look even cuter. The outfit was sponsored by fashion brand, Doppelganger.

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